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At Get Handy Workshops we’ve got you covered.
Penny Petridis

At Get Handy we run courses for all skill levels. It doesn’t matter if you’re only a beginner on the tools or if you want to get right in there and learn the tricks & skills of various building & renovation trades.

If you’re a school or business we even run custom training packages which create a fun filled team building experience. 

Founder Penny Petridis has spent the last 28 years on tools and construction sites. She’s completed trades in Carpentry, Metal Engineering and has her Builders & Construction Cert IV. She has designed the courses to help you get skilled and confident to tackle your own projects.

” DIY Skills these days are a must. No more waiting around for others..No more costing you a fortune to get a tradie Out. Even the hardest things are easy when we are actually shown how ”   

Penny and her team are so passionate and excited to share their skills with you!

The world of tradies and construction is one that is heavily male dominated – and has been for generations, but fuelled by an unquenchable passion, Penny Petridis is on a mission to encourage and assist women to break into this world. As something of an enigma, with 28 years’ experience within construction trades, including carpentry and metal engineering, Penny understands the difficulties faced by women within the business and has the knowledge, experience and desire to turn the tide and has set out to do so by offering a range of courses and workshops in DIY and construction that make carpentry for women more accessible than ever before.

For those with little or no experience of ever having undertaken simple DIY tasks around the home, is the 1 day ‘Beginner’s DIY and Home Repairs’ that will instruct in the use and function of the most commonly used tools (including power tools), differing screws and fixings as well as different types of timber. And at the end of the workshop, you will have had hands on experience creating a small carpentry project and will be able to attach shelves and pictures to a variety of walls.

As a matter of progression, the 3-day Carpentry Workshop will expand your knowledge and practical skills to such an extent that you will have created a small but functional deck with an understanding of joints, fixings and foundations, and this course will undoubtedly furnish you with the confidence to take on other projects and most probably seek even further training. And if this is the case, the Get Handy ‘10-day Intensive Carpentry Course’ may be for you; at the end of the course, you will have had hands on experience of constructing a wall frame with a door opening, fixing door locks, fixing and repairing plasterboard and the experience of installing skirting and architraves. This course will give you a level of expertise that can save you thousands of dollars by undertaking projects on your own, and will also set you in good stead should you be interested in an apprenticeship.

In addition, Penny and her team provide courses in tiling and flat pack kitchen construction – and can even provide bespoke training packages designed exclusively for you. The difference from most other similar courses is however, that as a DIY workshop for women, tutored by women, those participating in the courses will experience an environment that will be conducive to learning in a welcoming and nurturing fashion – and the guarantee that Penny will do her utmost to see you succeed and grow – it is her passion!

Furthermore, Penny also presents a 5-day workshop, ‘Breaking the Barriers’ which is specifically created to encourage and mentor women who want to get into the trades. In depth training, motivational speeches and talks by those already within the business concluding with a superb networking opportunity on the last day of the course, really does start to open doors!

Why not sign up and learn rewarding and empowering skills that will stay with you for a lifetime?

“Penny is an amazing teacher and mentor. I have attended a couple of her workshops and she is very patient with all her students. I now know how to use power tools without damaging me or anything else. If you want to become a little bit more handy around the house, then check out Penny’s workshops”.

Tina Clark

“Absolutely loved the carpentry course! Having little experience working with tools Penny took us through step-by-step so that we felt confident using tools and creating projects. I learnt so much. I would whole heartedly recommend this workshop to anyone. I’m so excited to use my new skills on future projects”

Jessica sparks

“I attended the Beginners DIY workshop with trainer Scarlette and had the best time! Scarlette was patient, knowledgeable, approachable and broke down the basics of how to use tools. It was a safe space to ask any question and we had some laughs along the way too. It was a great little group of 6 and she made sure every single one of us were successful. I left feeling empowered and wanted to go to Bunnings to buy my own drill! I would highly recommend anyone to the course and I’ve already got my eye on a few more. Thank you Penny and Scarlette!“


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